In a continuation of this new series on social media tips,  we will look at some helpful things you can do to improve your business Facebook page:

1 – Choose an engaging cover photo

You should pick an attractive cover photo. Since your cover photo takes up the most real estate above the fold on your Facebook Page, make sure you’re choosing one that’s high quality and engaging to your visitors, like this one from ScottE Software Development’s Facebook Page:

ScottE Software Facebook Cover

Keep in mind that Facebook cover photo dimensions are 851 pixels wide by 315 pixels tall.

2 – Post photos and videos to your Timeline

Why photos and videos? Because they’re proven to be the most engaging types of content on Facebook, according to a study conducted by Quintly.

The other reason posting these types of updates are important is because you’ll want your ‘Photos’ and ‘Videos’ apps — which are apps automatically added to every Facebook Page — to actually be populated with photos and videos.

Maximize your Facebook juice right from the start! Make sure the multimedia content you post is the correct size by checking out this social media dimensions infographic.

3 – Pin important posts to the top of your page

When you post new content to your Facebook Page, older posts get pushed farther down your Timeline. But sometimes you may want a specific post to stay at the top of your page for longer — even after you publish new updates. To solve for this, Facebook offers the ability to “pin” one post at a time to the top of your page. You can use pinned posts as a way to promote things like new lead-gen offers, upcoming events, or important product announcements.

To pin a post, click on the drop-down arrow in the top right corner of a post on your page, and click ‘Pin to Top.’ It will then appear at the top of your page, flagged with a little orange bookmark. Just keep in mind that you can only have one pinned post at any given time.

That is all for today…check back to the site again in the future for tips on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms.