A LinkedIn company page can enhance your B2B outreach. Here are a few tips that may help improve your LinkedIn presence:

  1. Include boilerplate information and your URL in the “About” section. – This assumes you have well articulated boilerplate that describes the company, what it does, who it serves, what you do better and why people should care. Ideally, this information already lives in the “About” section of your website.
  2. Post updates and thought leadership pieces with regularity. – This speaks to having an over-arching content generation and dissemination strategy to create and post meaningful content to LinkedIn, and elsewhere, like your website, e-newsletter and broken into a multitude of tweets. In addition company news, share good content written by others that’s relevant to your industry or market.
  3. Measure how LinkedIn is performing as a driver of site traffic. – See what kinds of posts are driving engagement. Determine if visitors who come from LinkedIn are spending more time on the site, which pages they hit with the most frequency and if they represent mostly new site visitors or repeat visitors. Act on the data.

Now, think of this as a good first step. There are many other items you need to do to have a top notch LinkedIn company page. If you are looking for help, be sure to contact us at info@scottesoftware.com