The design of your website may not be on the forefront of your mind, but it should be. Most small business sites have been rushed, were a last minute project, or an outright afterthought, but did you know it is often the lasting first impression potential customers have of your business? Here are some tips to help make a good impression with your website.

Above the fold

Above the fold refers to the upper area of your website that is visible when your page loads, all content below is not visible without scrolling. This area is the most viewed part of your site and the most important. Use it accordingly.

Contact info should be easy to find

Having your phone, email, and address readily available helps customers trying to find or call your business. This is especially important on mobile devices.

Keep it simple

Cut the clutter from your site. Have a clear message, concise navigation, authentic and inviting pictures, and don’t be afraid of whitespace.

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