Online today and will be in print this Thursday in the Howard County Times, an article about Scott Ewart and his transition working on ScottE Software Development full time. Here is an excerpt from the article:

With the constant changes in technology and social media, Ewart said some people embrace the unfamiliar territory, while others are just terrified of it. In cases of the latter, Ewart tells his clients, “I will take care of touching all the buttons.”

“What I provide is that personalized, one-to-one service,” Ewart said. “I don’t have a cookie-cutter approach to anything that I do. I sit down and I find out what a client wants and then tailor around what they want, expand when they want to expand or contract when they want to contract.”

It’s this relationship that Kamens treasures as she works with Ewart.

“I feel that he really understands the relationship and the intimacy between the client [who does] and the client who doesn’t want to be involved in the tech stuff,” Kamens said. “He never makes me feel badly about not knowing something. He is supportive. If there’s stuff going on and I need to troubleshoot it, he’s there. He’s more than just tech support or tweeting.”

You can read the full article online here:

I want to say thank you to Andrew Michaels for taking the time to interview me and others for the article. I also want to say thank you to Leland Ewart (my father) and Elisa Kamens (Owner of Club Pooche) for their input to the article. My final thank you goes out to Shelby Ewart for taking the wonderful photo used by the Howard County Times in the article.